32 Small Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Like An “After” Shot On HGTV


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Jun 05, 2023

32 Small Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Like An “After” Shot On HGTV

We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation

We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page.

These easy wins will have your kitchen camera ready in no time.

BuzzFeed Staff

Promising review: "This peel-and-stick tile backsplash has completely changed the look of our kitchen. It was relatively easy to install and it was our first time using any peel-and-stick product. One thing we did learn is once it's on the wall...it's not coming off easily. I would highly recommend using the glass cleaner method — this will allow more time to fix your placement if you don't have it just right. Overall, this product is totally worth the price and little time it takes to apply." —Nikki Moody

Get a 10-pack of 12x12 panels from Amazon for $24.98+ (available in seven colors).

Promising review: "We did a kitchen facelift this summer, repainting and making everything look fresh. We were looking at the The Home Depot version of these, which are more than double the price. We decided to go for these instead, and they are amazing!! I put them up myself in about two hours. I did buy the adhesive spray just in case, but it wasn’t needed, even for the few I had to peel off and re-stick to center correctly. These aren’t too difficult to apply but definitely require patience. It is 100% worth the buy for a DIY affordable update!" —Hope Consilvio

Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $29.60+ (available in two styles).

Check out one former BuzzFeed Shopping editor's writeup on the Rabbitgoo rainbow privacy film for more deets on why it's so popular!

Promising review: "Buy it just for the prisms! I can't tell you how surprised and delighted we were at the rainbow effect this film has. I bought it to make a window overlooking the street more private, and I thought I would appreciate seeing the rainbow colors on the window itself. But then when the light was shining on it at the right angle, it cast these beautiful rainbow colors on the wall. So I bought a second roll to put on one of our master bedroom windows that overlooks our neighbor's patio so I don't have to draw the curtains. In the morning now, the light comes in at just the right angle to pass through the rainbow prism and cast beautiful rainbow colors on the wall...and the bed...and the cat." —J. B.

Get it from Amazon for $9.98+ (available in 11 sizes).

Promising review: "I was skeptical about being able to conceal hairline cracks in our bathroom tile that is marbled. After matching the base color, filling the cracks and waiting for the areas to dry, I honestly had a hard time finding the cracks again to apply the clear lacquer. Wish I had found this product sooner. Will recommend to all my friends." —Aileen G.

Get it from Amazon for $26.99.

This set offers 13 feet of LED lights.

Promising review: "We love this lighting fixture, and the several levels of light and is great as a night-light or to accent your appliances. Just figure out where you want light, place the self sticking pads, and set the lights. If the string of lights is too long, just snip off where you want it to end. A terrific addition to our kitchen, adding warmth and ambiance to our kitchen counter." —Steve

Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in cool white, natural white, or warm white and two sizes).

Promising review: "Perfect! They were exactly what I was going for! Great quality, very durable, and actually have some weight to them. Great purchase for replacing all of the hardware in my kitchen and bathroom for the camper I am remodeling. Definitely would recommend, especially at such an amazing price. Great value for great quality!" —Summertime

Get it from Amazon for $6.99+ (available in quantities one through 60 and in black, gold, or silver).

Promising review: "Used this on 30-year-old wooden kitchen cabinets. These cabinets have not been regularly oiled and cleaned with wood cleaner, and the ones beneath the sink suffer from the inevitable water damage associated with that location. In an effort to spruce them up a bit without resorting to the expense of new cabinets, I thought to try this product because of all the rave reviews as well as convincing photos. Initially, when you put the product on, it looks significantly better. I was skeptical about how it would look after I wiped it off. When I did, however, there was very little to remove. The wood must’ve been extremely dry because it did absorb quite a bit. I slopped a lot on there too. The resulting finish looked richer and deeper than before. It’s already substantially improved the look, and the worn areas are no longer noticeable. It’s clearly worth considering if you have an older wooden piece with a finish you’d like to quickly and easily improve yourself or if you have a similar situation with your cabinets." —Shopper X

Get it from Amazon for $11.79.

Promising review: "Amazing! Amazing! Amazing. Did take more than one coat though. My cabinets were bare wood, and I still needed a couple of coats. (Five to be exact, but that was just me being extra.) My kitchen is medium size, not too big, and it only took up one can. But I still went over a couple more times just to get a nice coating. I also let it sit for some days and saw the wood was sucking up the paint in some areas so I went over it again. The project ideally does take one day like the promotion video says, but one day as in 24 hours. This took my kitchen from looking like a cheap rental apartment kitchen to a high-quality kitchen with just this paint and new knobs. The paint is perfect for cabinets — it's not too thick, so you still see the wood grains. It comes with EVERYTHING you need. I didn't have to buy a thing. The project is super easy, paint dries fast, and I did it at first by removing the cabinets, but it wasn't necessary at all. Just make sure you don't leave any dripping because it would make your cabinets look cheap. I would recommend EVERYONE to purchase this and give your cabinets a chance before making a big investment in new cabinets. Wood is wood, and it can be refinished." —Brandon Moronta

Get it from Amazon for $79.95 (available in six colors).

Promising review: "I have it to write down things to buy. Very convenient and came with a good number of markers. It’s really simple to clean. I use a wet cloth when I don’t want to use the eraser and that works easily also." —Stephanie Rios

Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

Organise Life is a small business in Australia that focuses on pantry and home labels.

Promising review: "Perfect for our fridge! Easy to apply, stay on well, and look good." —meredithtexas1

Get it from Organise Life on Etsy for $1.38+ (available in many different fonts and small, medium, and large sizes).

You can also get it personalized with your family's last name or initials.

Suburban Farmhouse is a Black- and family-owned small business based in New Jersey creating personalized home decor.

Promising review: "I'm in LOVE! 😍😍😍 This piece EXCEEDED my expectations!!! It is absolutely beautiful, and it goes so well with my kitchen! It's functional and gives us extra space. Thank you!" —Lakesha Golden

Get it from Suburban Farmhouse on Etsy for $110.07+ (available in six stain colors and eight styles).

Promising review: "Made hard water spots disappear, cleaned both sides of my sinks, and freshened up the nasty-smelling disposal. Don’t know how I lived without it for so long." —KristinJA

Get a bag of four from Amazon for $3.78.

Promising review: "I bought an initial set, different sizes. Then went back and bought more because I liked them so much. I also plan to buy a complete set for my daughter and daughter-in-law as Christmas presents. Really made well. I can FINALLY get to the small jars that always end up at the back of the fridge behind bigger items!" —Linda C. Little

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in three widths).

Promising review: "I am thoroughly impressed! We have a 115-plus-year-old house and we only have hardwood in our downstairs hall and den. We didn't want to spend tons of money because we are probably going to be replacing the flooring in a few years. I'm actually still working on this as I'm writing this, but I am so impressed that I just had to write a review right away. The only 'negative' I have is that the colors are darker than the caps show, but not a big deal. For the money, you can't go wrong." —Borg

Get them from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in a set of 12 or 17).

It has an about six-step installation process and includes all the parts you'll need. The brace adjusts to any size between 4 and 6 inches and fits the standard base sockets. They can be used on sloped ceilings up to 45 degrees, works in damp locations, has a 50-pound maximum load rating, and is paintable with no visible screws or hardware.

Promising review: "This was a pretty easy installation considering the work is on the ceiling. I've been wanting to change out the two can lights over my sink for years, so I started investigating the easiest possible way to do so. Ran across this item, and watched the video on YouTube. What the heck, I thought! Rewatched the video before installation, looked at the directions on both the converter kit and the pendant light, gathered the necessary tools described in all instructions, and set upon my mission. The hardest part (for me) was getting the self-tapping screws started. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, I must say! By the way, I'm a 55-year-old female who has worked at a bank all of my life. Yes! It was that easy. I would highly recommend it." —Trisch Reeve

Get it from Amazon for $19.75.

Check out Mai Zimmy's review on TikTok to see the egg shelf in action.

Promising review: "I purchased this item for my mom, it was such a convenient gadget for my parents. Not a hassle to put together and made the fridge look a little more organized. overall I would say my folks are pleased with the item and I'm glad my efforts didn't go to waste. I do recommend this to anyone who is looking to organize their fridge." —Janettdraws

Get it from Amazon for $16.17.

Each tile is 12" x 12" in size.

Promising review: "These are awesome! I have hated my kitchen floor since I moved in. I rent, so I didn’t think I could afford to change it. I found these though and it now looks 110% better!!" —Mic Fo

Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $13.62+ (available in blue or gray).

Artmat Home is a small business based in Israel making printed vinyl mats, placemats, and bamboo rugs.

Promising review: "These are perfect mats for the kitchen to protect my wood floors. Look great and the thin profile means they stay in place and there isn’t a rug edge to trip on — very happy with them" —Julie Hurd

Get it from Artmat Home on Etsy for $28+ (available in 13 sizes).

Promising review: "I absolutely love these multifunctional storage containers. They’re the perfect all in one solution for storing produce. The removable colanders work great for washing fruits and vegetables prior to storing. There’s also a removable drainage valve on the bottom of the medium and large containers to drain any standing water. I really like that I’m able to store more than one item in the medium and large containers using the partitions. The air vents located on the lids aid in preserving produce longer. They are crafted with space saving and organization in mind. Being able to store one inside the other is an exceptional feature, which frees up space. I love that they’re BPA free and very durable. Overall, I’m very pleased with the functionality of these storage containers and the ease of using them. I highly recommend them to everyone." —Betty Boop

Get it from Amazon for $39.99 (available in green or white).

If you're unsure of what color to get, I highly suggest you use the brand's free color chart tool to help you determine which is the right match for your walls.

Soto is a small business based that makes paint touch up kits.

Promising review: "I decided to try this to cover up some of the chips of missing paint in my kitchen. It works perfectly. The bottle is a little bigger than a tube of Wite-Out, but it's going to last me a long time. The paint went on smoothly and dried quickly. I am very happy with this product." —JMar

Get it from Soto on Amazon for $18.95 (available in 24 colors).

Promising review: "This is one of my favorite things I've ever purchased from Amazon! The fact that they are so customizable allows you to cut them for any drawer size! I think this will be my go-to gift for all of my friends who love cooking as much as I do! Freeing up cabinet space and having something that can easily be rinsed off in the sink makes this a for-sure buy!" —momonono

Get a 10-ft roll from Amazon for $16.69+ (available in gray or beige).

Promising review: "Moved into a new home with less space for display of dishes. I had to place my plates and such in a drawer. This pegboard separates are the best. Sturdy, easy to assemble, and adjust. My drawer was not a size offered, but they were easy to have cut to size. Highly recommend!" —Dorothy C. Vuono

Get it from Amazon for $94.99+ (available in three sizes).

Promising review: "If you expect perfection, buy granite or marble for $4,500.. If you are like me and just want something that looks fantastic, buy Beeline contact paper…..it’s amazing and easy…👏👏🤩" —ronald kilmer

Get it from Amazon for $12.88+ (available in three sizes).

Promising review: "Best solution ever!! I do not have the money for a new vanity right now. Insert DIY project of covering my ugly pink bathroom vanity in marble contact paper. It looks 100% better and it’s super durable. It’s a little tricky to work with at first and then you get the hang of it. I’m buying more for my half bath. Update: My vanity still looks great a couple of months later! I decided to do my tabletop in my laundry room and it looks great too. Tips: Make sure there is nothing on the surface as bumps will show through with the tiniest of debris. Also, one roll is not enough — always buy more than you think you’ll need!" —Natalie Evans

Get it from Amazon for $5.99+ (available in five sizes).

Promising review: "I needed a strong pair of hooks to hang up a small but valuable painting on the backsplash behind and above my kitchen sink. I had been using another brand but it simply would not stick well enough to hold the weight of the wooden frame. I cleaned the tile, let it dry overnight, then placed the two hooks on the wall. I let them set for 12 hours before I applied any weight to them and their perfect for what I needed. Now I have two more I can use if I find something which needs them and I will use them with confidence. They're attractive and shiny, much better looking than the cheaper white plastic ones and I know they're strong as well. All and all, a fine purchase!" —Draquul

Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in black or silver and in packs of four, six, and eight).

Promising review: "I bought it to clean the tiles and grout in the kitchen. My boyfriend inherited this house from his mother, and the tiles and grout had not been cared for properly in years. I knew the grout was supposed to be white because of other areas that had been covered with rugs. I did as the instructions said — sprayed on and let sit for a few minutes. I used a wire brush on the grout and a softer scrub brush on the tile. WOW! I’m super impressed at how well this works! The tiles look brand-new and bright! The grout is CLEAN! The cleaner cut through years of dirt, grease, and oil! Also, for those of you with sensitive noses, this stuff hardly has a smell at all." —AmazonAddict

Get it from Amazon for $19.98+ (available in a varity of size options).

The grout pen comes in 10 other colors. Check them all out here.

Promising review: "I just bought my first house, and because of COVID I have not had the funds I wanted to fix it up. This pen was cheap, and the backsplash in my new kitchen was an eyesore. I wasn't expecting much because of the price, but I am absolutely stunned. My kitchen looks so much better! It was easy to use, no odor, and quick! I did two coats because the color was dark brown. Some places I did more, but I didn't mind doing it because it was actually really satisfying. I used one pen for the area plus some. Definitely recommend this product!" —Kim

Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available with a narrow or wide tip).

Promising review: "Love the red and green colors. Strong magnet and well made. Very sturdy slide plate. Looks great on my stainless steel dishwasher. Well worth the money!" —Msleigh1202

Get it from Amazon for $6.39 (available in three styles).

Promising review: "I love this. It’s perfect for my small kitchen. I hate having stuff on the counters since my kitchen is so small. I used it vertically instead of horizontally. Works perfectly and it is sturdy." —Laura

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

Includes a large microfiber cloth.

Promising review: "I bought this to keep our new stainless fridge clean. I'd tried Formula 409 and Windex, but they both left streaks. This stuff is great! Not only does it clean and polish, but it also removed the sticker residue from the price tag and leaves NO streaks! I was worried keeping a stainless fridge looking new would be difficult, but this makes it so easy. Spray on and use the microfiber towel to wipe with the 'grain' of the metal, or even just use small circular movements — it doesn't matter either way; comes up shiny. It doesn't leave any residue and resists fingerprints. So happy I found this product." —Amber Morales

Get it from Amazon for $19.95.

Promising review: "I really like this wine rack! I needed a nice, space-saving solution for wine glasses that are too tall to go in my glass cabinet, and this rack fits the bill. It was simple to install and looks great. Good buy!" —Cycle Mom

Get it from Amazon for $19.93+ (available in two sizes, four colors, and packs of two).

Promising review: "Fantastic product. Sturdy and stacks very well. Holds the wine with no worries of anything falling apart or out of the rack itself. Looks beautiful, giving your fridge a great look of organization." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in sets of one, two, four, or eight).

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.