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May 29, 2023

The 15 best sticky bras of 2023, per online reviews

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Just because a linen dress is backless or that going-out top in your closet has an asymmetrical cut doesn’t mean you have to stress out before flaunting it. For the record, we’ve been there and it (1) wastes more time getting ready and (2) will have you trying on nearly every other option in your wardrobe, hangers tossed and thrown all over your duvet.

The endless pondering of what bra do I wear? can be eliminated, especially when learning how to measure your bra size at home is enough of a task to get the hook of — pun totally intended. Instead, turn to a sticky bra to solve your (almost) wardrobe mishaps and fashion dilemmas.

Much like a strapless or push-up bra, sticky bras will provide the support, coverage and seamless fit you need to look and feel your best. They apply just like they sound, too: simply peel off the plastic adhesive they typically come with as part of their packaging, place over your bust area and voilà! You can now rock that tie-back or cut-out dress.

Because you should never compromise a fabulous outfit for the sake of an undergarment, we rounded up the 15 best sticky bras of 2023 that you won’t be disappointed with — some of which we have been using for years. FYI, sticky bras will lose their stick after a while, but ours have been going strong for more than three years.

Meet the sticky bra we use, love and is backed by more than 21,000 rave reviews on Amazon: the Niidor Strapless Push-Up Sticky Bra. We’ve been using it for years and it has held up wonderfully underneath asymmetrical clothing — especially if you’re looking for a bit of a push-up. Not to mention, it stays on and has a classic shape that won’t show through most clothing.

Something we consistently praise are nipple covers, allowing for supreme coverage with minimal fabric. These come in handy for travel — thanks to its included case — and also with tops that may be open at the center of the bust area. Plus, it has nearly 28,000 positive reviews.

What’s great about the Loxoto Push-Up Sticky Bra is (1) it’s less than $20 and (2) is one of the best for push-up support. Cup sizes span up to size F and its 100% silicone material makes it really stick.

What’s better than one sticky bra? Four, of course! Shop the CHARMKING Nipple Covers that, collectively, boast more than 12,000 rave reviews and are a No. 1 Amazon best-seller. You don’t need the bulk and additional fabric — just something to cover up as you desire.

For less than $20, grab the traditional look and feel of a sticky bra with the MITALOO Adhesive Push-Up Sticky Bra. With this two-pack — one nude, one black — you’ll be fully stocked to look and feel your best.

NOOD is the sticky bra brand that has been taking the internet by storm — and one of the most accessible to pick up online. The hype? It’s virtually unmatched if a non-bulky, push-up sticky bra is what you’re after. One reviewer even writes, “I had no idea my girls could reach these heights! Seriously this bra is amazing!”

Victoria’s Secret has one of the most inclusive sticky bras on the market — both in size range and in skin color. From beige to dark cocoa, it does the job all the way up to DD. It also features lightly lined padding and, according to the brand, can be worn up to 25 times.

As one of the most sought-after brands on the market for sticky bras, Cotton On has it going on — truly. Its Stick Em Up Bra not only has a clever name but it’s offered at an affordable $25 price point. Even better, you can separate the clear hook at the middle and wear them as stickies.

Looking for a lightweight, padded and adhesive bra that’s just shy of $20? The Fashion Forms Superlite Adhesive Strapless Backless Bra is worth the buy. Namely, it’ll do you justice for backless and strapless dressing, provides you with maximum cleavage while staying put and is a blend of polyester and silicone for a comfortable fit.

Our jaws nearly dropped when we came across the Fashion Forms Voluptuous Adhesive Bra at Nordstrom. We’re impressed that it’s plus size-inclusive (up to an H cup) and specially designed to accentuate your natural curves. Not to mention, it also includes spandex, making it truly stick and stay.

For just $10, you can’t go wrong. The KyFree Push-Up Sticky Bra offers suitable push-up support with minimal fabric. What we like the most is you can secure the top of the nipple covers (the part that looks like bunny ears) to adjust the support and cleavage you desire for your outfit.

The Aerie Backless U Plunge Bare Bra is perfect for those who prefer strapless bras to sticky but need something backless. For less than $50, this undergarment is worth adding to your cart, much ado to its comfortable fit and wonderful support.

Gatherall is a brand we need to put on your radar. In short, it comes in a few neutral shades that will flatter any skin tone and is reusable, washable and checks off all the boxes: strapless, backless, wireless and flexible. Though a bit of a splurge, it’ll feel like your best everyday bra.

The Maidenform Push-Up Combo Wing Bra boasts padded cups and reusable adhesive wings to add coverage exactly where you want it (this comes in handy for oddly cut pieces!) Not to mention, you’ll feel supported with this design, making it especially fitting for larger busts.

The NuBra Silicone 3D Bra Cups feature a medical grade-adhesive design and are 100% American-made. They’re washable and reusable, come with a front clasp closure and feel lightweight when worn. If you’re on the market for something ultra-seamless, this girl’s the best for your girls.

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