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Jul 13, 2023

75 Awesome Things on Amazon That Are So Damn Cheap

Get a lot of bang for your buck. In the past year, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve stepped foot in a mall. The reason? Amazon has just about anything I could possibly need, including

Get a lot of bang for your buck.

In the past year, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve stepped foot in a mall. The reason? Amazon has just about anything I could possibly need, including plenty of brilliant problem-solving items. Perhaps my favorite finds, however, are the cheap things on Amazon that are actually impressive.

Scroll on for great ideas for every facet of your life. Many have thousands of five-star ratings to back them up, and the vast majority of these picks are $30 or less. Proof that you don’t have to choose between cost and convenience.

Take notes and store important papers (like receipts, medical records, documents, and handouts) all in the same place. These Find It File folder notepads come in 12 color options and three sizes, the least expensive of which has 12 folders with third-cut tabs built right in. The paper is wide-ruled and resistant to bleeding and rips.

This best-selling double-sided tape is one of those things that reviewers find themselves reaching for “all the time.” Customers have used it to stop rugs from sliding on the floor, secure fragile things so cats can’t knock them over, hang decorations both inside and out, mount smart devices like video doorbells, and tons more. The two-way bond is weatherproof and extra-sticky, but you can remove it using heat from a blow dryer.

Place these heat-resistant mats underneath appliances like air fryers, pressure cookers, and espresso machines, or use them as trivets while cooking and serving. The silver surface looks like stainless steel and easily wipes clean, while the non-slip rubber base keeps it in place. “Used this to protect a table from air fryer/toaster oven,” one reviewer wrote. “No heat transferred to the table while air fryer was 400°.”

This touchless trash can is waterproof and has a slim, rectangular design, so it fits well right next to the toilet — or in small spaces like RVs and offices. The real selling point, however, is its battery-operated infrared sensor, which automatically detects your hand so it silently opens and closes the lid. According to reviewers, it’s a lifesaver if you hate germs or have a pet that knocks over the garbage.

It may be small and travel-friendly, but this mini roller stick “feels amazing” and “works great on sore muscles,” according to reviewers. Its seven trigger-point beads roll over your legs, arms, shoulders, or back, massaging any knots and boosting blood in the process. It comes in your choice of four color options, and since it measures just 16 inches long and weighs under 7 ounces, it’ll fit in most suitcases or gym bags.

If your cast iron pans have seen better days, try this seasoning oil to renew them to their former glory. Its low-smoke, high-temperature formula uses avocado oil to clean, condition, and protect your cast iron cookware without creating a sticky residue. It’s also food-safe and 100% vegan.

“I’ve had it for about a week and I’m obsessed,” one reviewer wrote. Another raved, “This is going to save us hundreds of dollars from Dunkin’ and Starbucks.” The Mr. Coffee iced coffee maker first brews it, then chills it over a tumbler of ice, resulting in at-home iced coffee in just a few minutes. It even comes with a pre-measured scooper and a reusable tumbler cup with a straw.

Over the course of 26,000-plus reviews, these silicone oven mitts have garnered a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, and for good reason. Not only do the mitts cover a good portion of your forearms but they’re made of heat-resistant and steam-resistant material that protects your hands from temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, they come in lots of fun colors such as canyon red (pictured here), turquoise, and yellow.

This slush-maker cup turns almost any drink into a frozen treat in mere minutes. First, store the cup in the freezer so it’s ready for use when you need it. Next, pour in your drink of choice. (Soda and juice will make a slush, while milk-based ingredients will make a shake.) Then squeeze the soft exterior for a few minutes to evenly distribute the cold, and enjoy your drink with the two-in-one spoon and straw.

No side table? No problem. This armrest organizer drapes over the side of your recliner or couch and has five separate pockets to store your phone, glasses, remotes, tablets, and reading materials. It comes in 11 colors and two sizes, but all of them have non-slip silicone on the back to keep them in place.

On the outside, the soft-knit fabric cushions your feet while the grippy outsole prevents slipping. On the inside, however, these ice-pack slippers have a temperature-retaining gel, so after storing them in the freezer, they help to minimize inflammation and soothe aches and pains (and keep you cool). Reviewers love the way they help with swelling, post-surgery healing, and general relief — and you can also heat them in the microwave for warmth, instead.

It doesn’t require a fortune to achieve a perfectly-cooked roast — all you need is this affordable digital meat thermometer by your side. It features a backlit LCD screen that displays temperatures clearly day or night and includes multiple settings such as one that allows you to record a minimum or maximum temperature. A retractable probe keeps hands safe from heat and built-in magnets let you store this thermometer conveniently on the fridge.

According to reviewers, this rocker-style pizza cutter is one of those things “you didn't know you needed” — and the overall 4.7-star rating from more than 16,000 customers proves it. Available in two colors and four sizes, it uses a stainless steel blade and a rocking motion to effortlessly cut through pizza without crushing your toppings. It’s also a genius tool for cutting cheesecakes, brownies, and herbs while keeping both of your hands out of the way.

Thanks to their grippy, non-slip silicone backing and terrycloth split pockets at the fingertips, these two-in-one pot holders can be worn as oven mitts when handling hot lids or taking pans out of the oven. That said, since they’re square and lay flat when not in use, they double as hot plates to protect your counters and tabletops. Since they’re machine-washable with a tab for hanging, they’re also easy to clean and dry.

The Rocketbook smart notebook is my go-to when I’m taking notes during interviews or for client projects. The included Pilot Frixion pen erases from the thick, dot-grid pages, so you can reuse them over and over again for a more eco-friendly alternative to paper. That said, each page has a QR code that you can scan, instantly digitizing your notes to apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote, iCloud, Slack, and more; that way, you can keep them forever, but without any desktop clutter.

“I have used these in hot climates for hiking, when harvesting peaches in the summer, in the sweltering heat of Tokyo, and at home when I suffer from hot flashes,” one reviewer wrote, and they’ve decided that the Chill Pal cooling towel is “the best of all the brands.” Just soak the towel in water, wring it out, and wear it around your neck. The sponge-like PVA material allows water to evaporate fast, which causes the towel to feel cool to the touch, keeping you comfortable in hot environments.

Not everyone has room for free-standing shoe racks. Luckily, this wall-mounted shoe holder can help. You can hang it virtually anywhere — including on drywall, in closets, and on the backs of doors — and it’ll hold up to eight pairs of sandals, slippers, and lightweight slip-ons. Both the silver and black color options are made from stainless steel and come with all the hardware you need for easy installation.

Thanks to its duo-layered microfiber weave, this Pure Sky cleaning cloth won’t leave streaks on your glass, mirrors, windshield, or screens — and it works using just water. It can also be washed and reused over 1,000 times, so you can save money on both cleaning sprays and paper towels. “Just added a touch of water and it works great, no streaking and no lint,” one reviewer raved.

Given its extendable non-slip handle and convenient pan that prevents you from having to bend over, this broom and dustpan set is already a great value. Add in the built-in comb that separates dust and clumps of hair from the broom’s bristles, and multiple reviewers say they wish they’d bought it sooner. Other noteworthy features include a rubber lip that lays flat against the floor, eco-friendly recycled materials, and six stylish color options.

Customers have used this descaling solution in their Keurigs, Nespresso machines, and standard coffee makers. Its food-grade ingredients are more effective than vinegar when it comes to removing mineral deposits, build-up, and grime from both reservoir tanks and heating coils and is way less pungent. According to reviewers, their “coffee tastes so much better” afterward.

When you’re limited on counter space, the more things you can mount elsewhere, the better. This magnetic paper towel holder lets you store your roll on the side of the fridge, on the washing machine, or on a metal rack in your workstation — all without nails or adhesives. Each one comes with three sturdy magnets built right in, and they’re coated with rubber pads to prevent scratches.

If your ceiling fans and moldings haven’t gotten a good dusting in a while, this extendable duster makes it easier than ever. The lightweight pole reaches up to 47 inches, while the microfiber head traps dust in its fluffy fibers. It also detaches, so you can throw it in the washing machine for reuse.

These acne patches have been called the “best [reviewers] have ever tried.” When worn overnight or for several hours, the hydrocolloid draws out the contents of a pimple while the thin adhesive creates a protective barrier to promote faster healing. They’re also made with tea tree to tackle bacteria and cica to help with swelling.

If you’ve ever packed a salad for lunch, you know how quickly the ingredients get soggy when mixed together. This salad container, on the other hand, has a main bowl, a compartment tray, and a dressing container, so it keeps all of the ingredients separate until it’s lunchtime. It also has a locking lid for leakproof travel and comes with a salad spoon — plus it’s great for transporting multiple snacks in the same container.

When it comes to removing the hair of your beloved fluffy puppy or long-haired cat from literally every corner of your life, there’s only one choice and it’s this popular pet hair remover. It utilizes the power of static electricity which is generated by a back-and-forth movement to collect every bit of hair from clothing and upholstery, which can then be tossed into the trash via the built-in receptacle.

You can use this cylindrical pillow as a neck roll, a way to elevate your legs, or for support between your knees if you’re a side sleeper. On the inside, it has supportive memory foam, while the removable, washable cover is made from a bamboo-viscose blend for breathability. Since it’s relatively compact compared to a standard pillow, reviewers have brought it camping, on flights, and on road trips.

Whether you’re a light sleeper or you want to fall asleep to music without bothering your partner, these sleep headphones are a brilliant purchase. For one, the ultra-thin speakers lay flat against your head to comfortably, clearly, and wirelessly direct sound straight into your ears. For another, the stretchy, breathable fabric doubles as an eye mask — or it can keep your ears warm on a winter jog. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 10 hours, while the on-device controls allow you to change the volume, skip songs, and answer the phone.

Oddly enough, Bag Balm ointment was originally developed to soothe cow udders after milking — but it now has an overall 4.8-star rating from more than 5,000 humans. Buyers love how effectively it soothes chapped, dry, irritated skin. It “not only heals chafing and dry skin but literally every cut, scrape or boo-boo,” one reviewer wrote. It can also be used on pets.

Recreate those perfect chocolate chip cookies, baked zucchini tart, or sourdough bread using this must-have digital kitchen scale. It provides you with five different unit options including ounces, grams, and even milliliters, and features a large backlit display. Two AAA batteries are included as well as a choice of five finishes such as a retro green or sleek stainless steel.

This small Bluetooth speaker with a built-in lanyard makes it a great choice for taking your tunes on hikes, to the beach, or out to the patio — but that doesn’t mean it skimps on sound quality. Its dynamic, stereophonic sound features powerful bass with low latency and immunity to interference. An included suction cup means you can even mount it to the shower wall as it’s completely waterproof.

Since this adjustable quilted body pillow measures 4 feet 5 inches, it’s long enough that most side sleepers can use it for both head and knee support at the same time. It’s also great for propping yourself up while watching TV, especially because it’s filled with a polyester-down alternative that you can add or remove depending on your preferred loft. “I’m obsessed with this pillow,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s my favorite part of crawling into bed.”

This car organizer gives all of your essentials an accessible, clutter-free home in your car. It fits all seats with headrests because its adjustable straps snap into place around them. Once installed, it offers pen dividers, book and file storage, mesh side pockets, a spot for your water bottle, and even a padded compartment for devices.

I got this trunk organizer for my partner and it seriously minimized the clutter in his car. It has plenty of dividers for bigger stuff (like sports equipment, emergency items, and groceries) as well as mesh side pockets for smaller essentials. The steel-tipped hooks secure everything in place — and its carrying handles make it really easy to empty out his truck in seconds when we need the space to transport large loads.

Made from lightweight, UV-resistant polyester, this sunshade comes in nine sizes to fit most models of cars. It spans your entire windshield to better maintain the temperature inside your vehicle. While its reinforced connectors keep it in place during use, it’s also easy to fold up and store in the included pouch while you’re driving. On Amazon, it’s a best-seller with more than 99,000 reviews.

This car phone mount works with any and all smartphones and can switch effortlessly between portrait and landscape due to its ability to rotate 360 degrees. It mounts to your car’s air vent with an adjustable clamp while silicone grips keep the phone securely in place. Adjust it safely using only one hand and free your phone by simply pushing the built-in release button.

I spray my outdoor pillows with this Scotchgard furniture protector spray to repel water and prevent the colors from fading due to UV rays. That said, other reviewers have used it for hammocks, umbrellas, boat and barbecue covers, and even their shoes. Since it resists yellowing and dries clear and odorless, it’s a great way to protect all of your outdoor stuff.

Not everyone has countertop space to spare, so if you’d rather store your knives in a drawer, the Joseph Joseph DrawerStore makes it significantly easier. Its two-tiered design stores up to nine knives in a stacked, space-savvy way — and since the blades are covered, your hands stay protected. It’s suitable for most drawers that are at least 3 inches high, and according to reviewers, it’s a “great space saver” and an easy way to ditch “that unsightly knife block.”

For extremely hot weather or people who like to nurse their drinks, these best-selling BrüMate Hopsulator bottle coolers are a genius investment. They fit standard 12-ounce glass bottles using a push-lock mechanism, after which the triple-insulated stainless steel exterior keeps your drink up to 20 times colder than a neoprene sleeve. They also come in a huge range of colors and patterns to express your personality and to always know which drink is your drink. The non-slip base keeps your drink steady and protected on tabletops.

In the reviews section of this tabletop s’mores maker, you’ll find both kids and kids at heart who can’t get enough of this thing. “I used it twice now with big groups of kids and adults and everyone really liked it!” one reviewer wrote. The center holds a sterno heater (with a safety screen) that burns for up to 45 minutes and can be used indoors or out, while the surrounding tray separates and serves your ingredients. The set also comes with two stainless steel roasting forks.

These effective but affordable pan protectors are made from non-woven fabric and have an asterisk-like design that curves to fit rounded items. As a result, they protect against scratches when stacked between your pots and pans and they prevent chips and breaking when placed between glass bowls. Each set includes 12 dividers in three different sizes, and more than 10,000 reviewers have awarded them an overall 4.7-star rating.

These pan scrapers are designed to remove build-up and grease from skillets, cast iron, and baking dishes. That said, thanks to their durable, versatile polycarbonate construction, reviewers have found countless other uses for them: They’re also great for scraping off the gunk on fridge shelves, splatters on the stovetop, sticky messes on floors, candle wax on tables, and stickers on windshields. You can even use them to cut soft foods.

Save time by skipping the hand washing and instead popping those delicates in these mesh laundry bags that will prevent damage from the wash cycle. Three medium-sized bags made of sturdy honeycomb mesh are included in each set with the breathable design allowing for plenty of water and airflow. The zipper is rust-resistant and even has a safety lock feature to make sure the bag doesn’t open by accident.

According to the brand, these Patch Brand patches release active ingredients through your skin for significantly more absorption than if you took vitamins by mouth. The energy patches contain caffeine, vitamin B3, and vitamin B5 for up to eight hours of energy and should be applied about 30 minutes before you need your boost. That said, the brand also sells focus, immunity, sleep, and stress relief patches with other ingredients and benefits.

This Pawler heavy-duty dog poop scooper has been called the “greatest pooper scooper ever.” It works on almost any surface, and since it’s made from thick metal that’s sturdy and won’t rust, some reviewers even use it for horses. Each set includes a large-capacity tray for fewer trips to the trash, a rake for grass, gravel, or sand, and a spade for cleaning concrete.

This pro-grade meat injector kit is made from stainless steel and holds 2 ounces of marinade. It comes with multiple needles, so you can inject your steaks, turkey, chicken breasts, fish, and pork chops with plenty of flavor. The components also come apart for easy cleaning in the dishwasher. “Very nice, sturdy, and does the job without squirting marinade from piston seal,” wrote one reviewer who went through five other injectors before finding “the one.”

These versatile baking mats will have you never turning to foil, parchment paper, oil, butter, or cooking sprays again. They’re made of silicone that provides a nonstick surface with burnt food particles washing away easily with soap and water. Available in a pack of four that includes two half sheets and two quarter sheets, they can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit and even include stencils to make the perfect macarons.

These drawer organizers have moveable, adjustable dividers, so you can change the size of the cells depending on the purpose. They’re great for everything from clothes and office supplies to junk drawers and crafting, especially since they’re stackable and easy to clean. You can even cut the dividers for even more customization.

Most steamer baskets have collapsible metal petals to fit a range of different cookware, so you can steam everything from vegetables to fish. This steamer basket, however, also has an extended handle to keep your fingers away from the heat and collapsible silicone feet for better stability. It’s made from stainless steel and disassembles for compact storage.

“Tortillas get warm but the container stays cool!” one reviewer raved about this microwavable tortilla warmer. “Can't believe I waited so long to get this!” It can hold up to 10 corn or flour tortillas at once and it also works for pita, biscuits, and pancakes. Unlike traditional warmers, this one stays cool to the touch, resists breakage, and is microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

This defrosting tray is “like magic” and the “most amazing thing ever,” according to reviewers. In actuality, the aluminum interior is science (not magic), since it pulls the cold away from your frozen materials to defrost them quickly and safely — especially when compared to using bowls of water or the microwave. It also has curved edges to minimize messes on your countertop.

Over 25,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating indicate that this hanging headphone mount is the choice for keeping your headphones neatly stored and conveniently at hand. It clamps onto desk surfaces and features a rotating hook that swivels 360 degrees to save you precious space. There’s even an integrated cord clip to keep cables neatly organized.

According to reviewers, this automatic soap dispenser is one of those things you don’t realize you need until you have one. It minimizes the spread of germs and messes with its touch-free automatic sensor, and it dispenses the ideal amount of soap each time to prevent waste. It’s also USB-rechargeable and lasts up to 60 days on a single charge, plus you can get it in your choice of five different finishes to suit your bathroom, kitchen, or work area.

You probably paid a lot of money for your earbuds, and this cleaner kit is a great way to keep them looking and working like new. Each order includes soft microfiber brushes for dust, a flocking sponge for the case, metal scrapers for hard-to-reach spots, individually packed wipes, and putty squares to remove other gunk. “This product was super easy to use and cleaned the air pods so well,” one reviewer wrote.

A skin-care cream and sunscreen in one, this SKIN1004 Water-fit serum has a lightweight, moisturizer-like texture that offers hydration and a dewy, breathable finish. That said, it also provides SPF 50+ protection. “My favorite facial sunscreen,” one reviewer raved. “The texture reminds me of a water cream — very lightweight, moisturizing, and didn't feel greasy on my face.”

Most people can’t stand when their fitted sheet comes off the mattress in the middle of the night, which is why these bed sheet straps have been called “the best thing since sliced bread” by multiple reviewers. The three-way elastic band has sturdy, nickel-plated clamps on each end, which grasp your sheets to keep them secured under the mattress. Each set comes with four pieces, one for each corner.

For those people who always run hot, this portable neck fan is a “lifesaver” and the “best Amazon purchase of the summer.” Its rechargeable battery runs wire-free for up to 17 hours, delivering three different speeds of airflow through the 78 vents. It also weighs less than 10 ounces and is relatively quiet, but it has optional color-changing LED lights as a fun, flashy feature.

Since they’re significantly smaller than your average toothbrush cup, these mini toothbrush holders take up way less space on your sink or countertop. In fact, they may look like they’re not able to keep your toothbrush upright — but according to reviewers, they “never tip over” and they “look great.” You can get them in your choice of several different colors, all made from durable ceramic with a non-slip base.

It attaches magnetically to your fridge, so you always have a spot to write and display grocery lists, to-dos, and menus. That said, this dry-erase board is black and comes with magnetic neon markers, so it’s much more chic-looking than your standard whiteboard. Get it in three different sizes, one of which has three separate columns to record all of your notes in one place.

The tedious task of prepping vegetables will be a thing of the past with this incredible vegetable chopper that comes with eight interchangeable blades. Made of hardened stainless steel, there are blades that chop, slice, dice, shred, and grate. Place your blade of choice within the lid, place your vegetable on top, and press the top down to create perfectly chopped vegetables neatly stored in the accompanying container.

Some reviewers use this cooling blanket to prevent night sweats, while others have given it to their babies or their pets to protect them from overheating. Either way, its special cooling fabric aims to absorb body heat and wick away moisture, plus it’s machine-washable for easy upkeep. Get it in eight colors and four different sizes, including one big enough for a king-sized bed.

Earth Breeze laundry detergent sheets have racked up over 51,000 reviews because they’re a more eco-friendly (and convenient) alternative to traditional detergents. Instead of a big plastic jug, these sheets come in a space-saving cardboard box and completely dissolve in the washing machine. The formula is also hypoallergenic, paraben-free, bleach-free, and dermatologist-tested — but, according to reviewers it still “works as well as Tide does.”

If you’re an avid traveler, you know how hard it is to keep your essentials safe and organized on the go. This large travel wallet holds your cash, cards, boarding passes, and up to four passports, all in one place. It’s also RFID-blocking to prevent anyone from electronically stealing your information, and its zipper closures and water-resistant exterior provide additional protection. It even comes with a micro pen for signing documents on the go.

These knee compression sleeves have earned over 50,000 reviews and a best-selling status on Amazon. Reviewers have called them “life-changing” and the “best knee braces ever” because their compression material supports the knee, prevents rolling, and minimizes pain from tears and arthritis, all while moving with you. The fabric is also lightweight and moisture-wicking, so it can be worn in hot weather or under clothes.

Available in black, pink, or purple, Agatha sits on the handle of your spoon to keep it suspended over your pot or pan. That way, it’s always within reach and you no longer have to worry about drips on your countertop. She can also be used as a steam releaser, since she’s made of food-grade, BPA-free silicone that’s heat-resistant up to high temperatures.

No cooler? No problem. Blow these inflatable serving trays up with the included pump and fill them with ice, so your drinks stay chilly and your guests can see the selection at a glance. They’re also great for serving and preserving chilled foods, like fruit, potato and pasta salads, and seafood. Since they’re made with durable plastic and have a drain plug at the bottom, they’re also easy to wash and reuse.

When countertop space is at a premium, grab yourself this roll-up dish drying rack that sits directly over your sink. Its stainless steel slats help your dishes dry fast by allowing for maximum airflow and silicone feet on either end keep it securely in place. As little space as it takes up in use, it takes up even less space stored — simply roll it up and tuck it away until needed.

Colanders are one of the most necessary kitchen tools — but they’re also one of the most bulky to store. Fortunately, these collapsible strainers are partially made from flexible silicone, so you can flatten them into discs for easy storage in crowded cabinets and shallow drawers. Since they’re BPA-free and heat-resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, you can use them for everything from fruit to pasta. They’re also dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.

This brilliant party chiller is a mat and an ice pack in one. Freeze the FlexiFreeze ice (which is made from purified water and food-grade plastics) and then slip it into the included case, which comes in your choice of four colors and has an insulated backing to prevent condensation on your furniture. Then simply place it underneath shrimp, potato salad, chilled desserts, and anything else that needs to stay cold and fresh.

This lazy Susan works well in cabinets to help you see and grab any of your spices. That said, thanks to its bamboo construction and sleek design, most reviewers prefer to leave it out on their countertops or put it in the middle of their dining tables. Some even use it for serving food or coffee, since its smooth 360-degree rotation makes for easier access wherever you’re sitting.

Never have to choose between your favorite outfits when packing for a trip because, with these highly rated packing cubes, you can bring them all. Each set comes with four cubes (one large, two medium, and one small) that allow you to neatly pack up to 14 days’ worth of clothing and there’s even a laundry bag thrown in as well. They’re made with water-resistant material and breathable mesh to keep clothing fresh.

Peel off the paper on the back and stick these appliance sliders to the bottom of your coffee maker, air fryer, pressure cooker, or blender. The durable self-adhesive stays stuck, while the Teflon material glides against marble, plastic and stainless steel counters. That way, you can grab and reposition your most-used appliances without a scratch.

Reviewers have asked where these Pure Garden leaf grabbers have been all their lives, granted they make “raking and bagging leaves a breeze.” Their handles and wrist guards make them comfortable to hold (and double as hooks for hanging), while the large scoop design grabs big piles of leaves, yard debris, snow, and pet waste with ease. Since they’re made from thick plastic, they’re also durable and easy to wash.

Dive back into that riveting plot twist with this budget-friendly clip-on booklight that allows for comfortable reading in dim environments. It casts a warm white light that’s easy on the eyes and is made with a flexible gooseneck to get that light exactly where you need it. Offering a battery life of up to 25 hours, it can be folded up and popped into your bag to take on the go.

This isn’t your average support pillow. For one, the bath pillow headrest is made from a quick-drying, machine-washable mesh material that allows water and air to flow through. For another, the back is outfitted with six big suction cups, so it stays in place when against the porcelain. Finally, its comfortable design features back, shoulder, and neck support, so you can truly relax in the bath.

Easily reach for your sunglasses, phone, or wallet when you store them in this car seat gap organizer that sits by your side. Made of chic vegan leather and Oxford fabric, the pocket comes in a pack of two and fits precisely in that area between your seat and the car’s console. Choose from four available colors and use the included spacers to create a secure fit.

This article was originally published on June 25, 2023

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