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Jun 28, 2023

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The first necessity for a great camping trip is picking the right mode of transportation. Whether you choose an RV, trailer, or camper – you need to select an automotive that will perfectly cater to

The first necessity for a great camping trip is picking the right mode of transportation. Whether you choose an RV, trailer, or camper – you need to select an automotive that will perfectly cater to your traveling requirements, and make you feel at home, even when you’re away from home! I mean, there’s nothing more comforting or exciting than lounging about in a cozy trailer/camper while you explore the countryside. You never feel out of place, because these little vehicles manage to feel like a home on wheels! Fill it up with your dear belongings, and it’s your home away from home. Not to mention the designs today are super innovative and inventive. From the ARB Earth Camper built within a single-piece exoskeleton shell to an off-roading Highland 60 trailer with a queen-sized bed, kitchen, and shower – these fully-equipped and excellently designed automobiles are all you need on your next glamping adventures.

Designed by ARB, the Earth Camper is created to support adventurers with their nomadic lives, and off-road expeditions. The camper is equipped with long-travel independent suspension, and all-terrain tires, so it can literally handle all terrains! Tag the Earth Camper behind your truck, and you can explore the deep wilderness with ease.

The gray gel-coated fiberglass-reinforced plastic shell of the Earth Camper, inside a one-piece exoskeleton shell, ensures durability and longevity, while 25 mm thick walls offer exceptional temperature and noise control. The camper is completely free from wood in construction, which means it can withstand diverse climates and provide a cozy sanctuary wherever you roam.

The Love Campers VW ID. Buzz camper van was the result of a collaboration between Love Campers and Wild Drive. The drool-worthy automotive can be rented in the UK and is a fun and quirky-looking camper outfitted with a lime yellow and bright white dual-tone exterior, and matching interior. Stepping into it feels like you’re in a literal work of art!

The interior of the VW ID. Buzz is designed to maximize space. The sofa slides out to transform into a snug double bed, and the kitchen area – bang opposite – includes a sink with a foldaway faucet and an induction hob.

Truckhouse recently launched its latest build – the BCR off-road camper that features the Prospector XL RAM 3500 chassis from the American Expedition Vehicles (AEV). The BCR off-road camper is a collaboration between the Truckhouse and the AEV, and is meant to be a full-featured carbon fiber hardshell camper!

The new BCR exterior is designed to leverage the ruggedness of the Prospector XL and boasts 40-inch tires, a snorkel, a 20,000-pound winch in front, and a 3-inch lift that not only enhances the camper’s off-road capabilities but also contributes to its overall four-season appeal.

Designed to convert mid-sized pickups into fully functional campers, the Tuktut is a convenient, affordable, and comfortable option to embark on outdoor adventures without compromising on mobility and comfort. The hardtop rig is ideal for seamless integration with mid-sized pickups without creating a big dent in your wallet.

Tuktut can be attached to the truck bed, creating a cozy living space that comfortably accommodates two people. It features a lightweight construction, allowing it to remain fast and agile, supporting easy maneuverability, on and off the road.

Bush’s Beans is a family-owned bean company that created the Bush’s Canper, designed to be an exciting and fun promotional idea for the company. It is quite literally a “fully stocked giant bean can on wheel”, and campers have been invited to stay in one of their three park partners: Big Bend National Park in Texas, Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, or the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee.

The camper has water and power already, in case you don’t want to really rough it out when camping. It also comes with food, drinks, camping (canping) gear, and other things you will need when camping. And you also get a private chef to prepare all your breakfasts and dinners plus packed lunches for when you go explore the park.

This travel trailer is designed to provide you with the luxurious experience of a yacht while you’re camping! Equipped with modern amenities and unique design elements inspired by the elegance and comfort of a yacht, this travel trailer is the love child of a yacht and trailer!

The designer drew inspiration from a yacht for the trailer, as she wanted to primarily focus on comfort. The trailer is designed to be a road legal towable amped with the comfort, luxury, and aesthetics of a yacht. It measures about 8 sqm and can accommodate a family or up to four people.

The Tune M1 is a lightweight, adventure-ready camper that compromises little on comfort and functional versatility. The innovative camper is designed to take you anywhere you like during the day while providing you with complete comfort and rest within the truck’s pop-top canopy extension by night.

The lightweight truck camper, starting at just 360 lbs, allows the cabin to be used for sleeping, cooking, remote working, or even for toy hauling when you’re venturing out for a ski, fishing, or snowboarding adventure.

The Lightship L1 camping trailer towable is a luxury-packed lightweight towable trailer amped with a 40kWh battery onboard, that can power built-in systems and all-electric appliances.

Almost ‘3 times as aerodynamic as a classic trailer,’ the L1 is designed to look different, but the difference is not limited to its openable glass panel windows all around. Constructed from automotive-grade composite material, the trailer derives its aerodynamic shape using a virtual wind tunnel.

Designed by New Zealand-based design and architecture firm W2, the Romotow is an innovative trailer equipped with a fixed chassis that supports a rotating closed living unit that can swivel around the full 90 degrees to offer extra outdoor living space.

In transit, the 30.5ft Romotow remains closed and when it’s stationed for overnight camping, the main living unit with panoramic glass windows on both sides can swivel open: this form factor creates two sections, a large deck, and a sleeping/living cabin.

Dubbed the BR75, this SUV adventure camper is a Toyota Hilux that has been converted into a comfortable and mind-blowing camper for four people. The Toyota Hilux is an extremely robust and mobile vehicle, which makes for one of the most rugged truck campers there is, making it extremely easy to drive to places that would usually be out of reach.

A camper module is attached to the back of the Hilux, creating an all-terrain overland rig that keeps you cozy and comfortable no matter where you travel to! The Japanese SUV Adventure Camper BR75 doesn’t compromise on the mechanics or the form factor of the five-seat pickup.

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